Why You Need a Glock 43X


Firstly, the Glock 43X features an extended grip compared to the Glock 43. This allows for a higher magazine capacity, enabling the shooter to carry more rounds of ammunition without sacrificing on the gun’s compactness. Specifically, the Glock 43X has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, while the Glock 43 has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds.

The longer grip of the Glock 43X also means that the gun is easier to hold and shoot. This is especially true for shooters with larger hands, who may find the shorter grip of the Glock 43 uncomfortable to handle. Furthermore, the extended grip provides more surface area for the shooter to hold onto, which can help to reduce recoil.


Sight Radius and Accuracy

Additionally, the Glock 43X has a longer sight radius than the Glock 43. This is the distance between the front and rear sights, and a longer sight radius can make it easier for the shooter to aim accurately. The Glock 43X also has a slightly longer barrel length, at 3.41 inches compared to the Glock 43’s 3.39 inches. This small difference in barrel length may contribute to improved accuracy.


Finish and Aesthetics

Another key feature of the Glock 43X is its finish. The gun features a silver finish on the slide, giving it a modern and attractive appearance. The finish is also more durable than the traditional black oxide finish found on many other guns, providing better resistance to wear and tear. Especially when contemplating a concealed carry gun, wear and tear is a serious issue. Sweat and friction of day in-day out drawing and carry can age a gun quickly. Glock added to their stellar reputation for reliability and durability by adding the silver finish!

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