Multicam Ties For A Formal Look

Who said you had to ditch the camo when planning your outfit for your formal holiday events? Try dressing up your tried-and-true camo with one of these Multicam ties this holiday season! Adding one of the Multicam bowties to your outfit is the perfect way to incorporate your signature look without sacrificing the formality of your fit. And since these Multicam neckties are available in multiple different patterns, you’re sure to be able to find one to match any shirt or suit. So if you’re interested in switching it up this season with some camo print ties, we found a few to add to your collection!

What Is Multicam?

Multicam is a type of camouflage pattern that was designed for use in many different scenarios. It was created to help hide the wearer, regardless of the environment, elevation, season, or light condition they’re dealing with. It’s become an extremely popular camouflage design for this reason and can be found all over the world on a variety of products, both tactical and casual.
We get it; sometimes, figuring out what to wear to fancy events can be stressful. It can be especially complicated for people like us, who prefer being casual and comfortable in our clothes, no matter where we’re at. But what if we said you could still have all of those things, even when you’re wearing your fanciest clothes? This is where multicam ties come in.

Multicam Tie Designs and Color Variations

These designs are known as being part of a family of camouflage patterns, which means they’re available in multiple different variations of patterns and colors. Customers can choose from the following options: Multicam, Multicam Arid, Multicam Tropic, Multicam Alpine, and Multicam Black. Multicam is the traditional design, which was adopted in 2010 as the official U.S. Army pattern for all Afghanistan operations. Multicam Arid is a lighter variation meant for use in the desert, while Multicam Tropic is a bit darker and is meant to be used in jungle environments. Multicam Alpine is a combination of white and gray, so it’s perfect for use in snow-covered areas. Multicam Black is a darker take on the classic look and was originally developed for law enforcement officers to increase their authoritative presence in domestic situations.

The Perfect Camo Print Tie For Any Outfit

The thing we love most about multicam ties is their versatility. Since they’re available in numerous different color combinations and styles, you’ll be able to find one to match any suit or formal outfit. Pair one of your camo print ties with a beige suit for a sophisticated and polished look. Many people opt for a navy blazer or suit when wearing one of these multicam neckties for a more classic look. The Alpine and Black multicam patterns are neutral, so they’d go with just about anything. And if your outfit would look better with a bowtie as opposed to a standard-length tie, there are options for you, too. You can find multicam bowties in the same patterns and styles. With these ties, the outfit possibilities are endless!

Feel Confident In Your Formalwear

We believe that camouflage can be dressed up for any occasion, and we hope this post has convinced you, too. So the next time you have a formal event or holiday party to attend, consider pairing one of these ties with your suit. When you wear one of these camo ties, you’ll still look stylish and sophisticated without missing out on a chance to show off your unique personality.


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